Top Priorities

Top Priorities

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Fight Corruption

Washington isn’t just broken, it’s corrupt.  Public servants should behave with honesty, integrity, and pragmatism.  Members of Congress have forgotten this – and that includes my opponent, Representative Carolyn Maloney.  She has represented New York City for 22 years and seems to have forgotten that the job is a privilege, not an entitlement.

New York deserves serious, sober thoughtful representation. As Congressman, I will be on the job and working hard, whether I’m in Washington, DC or home in New York.  New Yorkers deserve better than a Congresswoman who doesn’t do her homework and makes embarrassing mistakes while supposedly investigating the IRS scandal and other government oversight.  I advocate for independent prosecutors in corruption investigations like the IRS scandal, so as to bring the appropriate charges against those who either abused their government positions or destroyed the evidence.

New Yorkers deserve better than someone who uses Congressional Recess to pull publicity stunts about pandas while Israel is under attack, 92 million Americans are out of work and suffering, and a crisis brews on our border.  She’s introduced more bills than 98% of the entire Congress, yet she has failed to get any of them signed into law.  She’s throwing things against the wall and seeing what sticks.  That’s not thoughtful representation.


Stand with Israel

I spent a week in Israel this August to meet with local political leaders, rabbis, IDF soldiers, students, and war victims in hospitals.  Israel needs America’s support more than ever, and it’s clear that many Israelis feel abandoned by America at this time.

Congress must pressure our President to stand with Israel.  It is time for Republicans and Democrats, together, to acknowledge that Israel is fighting for the survival of our democracy just as much as its own. I call on President Obama to initiate the unconditional re-supply of all munitions needed for Israel’s self-defense.


Create Jobs: Support small businesses

Small businesses drive the American economy.  Since 1938, my family has been involved in a small business: DeLuise Bakery.  DeLuise has employed hundreds of people over the decades and takes pride in complying with industry standards and regulations.  But right now, excessive regulations from every level of government are forcing businesses like ours to shrink payroll, pay less in wages, and ultimately earn less money to put back into our products.  The ACA (“Obamacare”) is one example of well-meaning policy that has introduced onerous regulations.  It forces businesses to pay a fee if they don’t sponsor specific ACA-approved healthcare plans.  And that has raised the cost of doing business, sometimes to the point of forcing businesses to cut employees.  (See my healthcare solution).


Create Jobs: Reform the tax code

American corporations are holding trillions of dollars in foreign banks because they don’t want to pay our corporate tax rate. This is tragic, because these billions in tax revenues could be used to support programs like Medicare, Social Security, food stamps, and health insurance subsidies for low-income individuals.  And corporations could use the leftover billions to produce more goods, build more factories, and create more jobs for the unemployed.

America is a free country, and we can’t force corporations to bring their billions back to America so we can tax them.  You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink… unless you provide an incentive.

I first propose lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%.  After all, America’s corporate tax rate is the highest of any first-world country, which makes corporations reluctant to spend money here.  Letting corporations keep a little more money is an incentive to bring their money back to America and spend some of it.  And when they spend it, the billions will be taxed and used for important social programs that support you or someone you love.  The billions could also help America pay down our debt. And corporations would use some of the leftover money to hire more people and build more facilities.

Second, I want to end tax loopholes for corporations.  Politicians have passed special laws that allow corporations to pay less than the established rate.  This needs to end.  Every corporation should pay their fair share.

My corporate tax plan benefits everyday Americans without hurting corporations.  Both Republicans and Democrats, including President Obama, have supported the concept. I believe it’s a winner, and I will push for it if elected to Congress.


Education Reform

Overcrowded classrooms and ineffective curriculums are shortchanging our youth.  I support charter schools, which can ease district public school overcrowding and contribute new innovative teaching methods to our public school system.  Parents should have the opportunity to choose whichever public school best meets their children’s educational needs –be it a charter school or a district school.  Unfortunately, many states are not doing enough to give parents the choice between charter and district public schools.  There are still long waiting lists.

My Charter School Bill of Rights states two guidelines for federal education policy that will support children at charter schools and preserve strong public schools.


1. The right to fair charter approval methods.  Federal education funding should reward states with multiple and independent charter authorizers.
Authorizers review and accept or reject new charter school applications. They also renew school contracts and verify compliance.  Having multiple independent authorizers ensures proposed charter schools receive objective evaluations.  It prevents political favoritism or special interests from denying promising, viable schools from opening.  For the same reason, the Olympics employs multiple, independent judges for its events.  It’s fairer that way.   States with multiple and independent authorizers should receive priority when the federal government allocates charter school funding to states.

2. The right to equal treatment. District public schools don’t pay rent, and neither should charter public schools occupying public buildings.
District public schools pay no rent because they operate in government-owned buildings.   But charter schools are often forced to pay rent when occupying unused portions of those same government-owned school buildings.  When the federal government allocates charter school funding to states, it should prioritize states that do not charge charter schools rent for occupying government buildings.

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