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Every American deserves a cost-effective healthcare system that delivers the quality care they want.  The goal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or “Obamacare”) is praiseworthy: no one who wants healthcare should be denied it.  Rather than solely addressing the 15% of Americans without health insurance, the ACA overhauled the entire healthcare system.  Now, millions of formerly satisfied Americans have been dropped from their old plans.  Many must pay higher prices for plans deemed “acceptable” by the ACA.  And millions have signed up on the government’s unreliable, low-security web site, placing their personal information at risk.

I want to preserve the ACA’s positive goal: universal healthcare for all, including people with pre-existing conditions.  But the government botched the ACA implementation.  And, rising healthcare costs (ACA and Medicaid) are plunging America further in debt.  Therefore, it is prudent to make several adjustments to the ACA:

  • Allow people to pick plans they want – no matter how simple or extensive – by deregulating the ACA insurance exchanges
  • Pay subsidies to help low-income individuals cover their premiums
  • Lower our government’s exploding health-care costs by raising the Medicare retirement age by three months each year

Simple but meaningful changes like these can preserve the ACA’s noble aspirations, expand individual choice, and reduce our growing budget deficit.

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